Intelligent Fire Alarm
Intelligent fire alarm systems are designed for flexibility through custom programming specific to each application. Dedicated outputs are logically controlled by inputs based on the programming matrix written. They are capable of supporting multiple Signal Line Circuits (SLC) where each device on the SLC is assigned a unique identification called an address. In most cases the number of devices on an SLC can range from one to several hundred and vary in number of detectors and modules combined. Each device constantly communicates with the control panel through microprocessor technology to report its status on the SLC. Within seconds, alarms, supervisory and trouble conditions are alerted to the control panel and a precise location of the event is displayed.Visit our Honeywell Partner Website for more information.

Fire and Pava Basic Operation
  • Completely monitored system
  • Message storage and message monitoring
  • Supports all types of speaker wirings
  • DSP based system
  • User friendly windows based software applications
  • Integrated PA,VA and BGM
  • Fault and log list for maintenance

  • Network
  • Panels (Controllers) Network
  • Devices/Detector Network

  • Intergration with the Outside World

    Velox - Loop Devices

    Velox - Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panels
  • Protocol: ATEIS Variable Time Communication
  • Standards: BS EN54-2, BS EN54-4
  • Display: Backlit 240 x 64 graphical LCD
  • Number of Fire Zones: 1000 'Dynamix'
  • Networking: Optional plug in network card
  • Programming: Via on-board keypad or PC running Windows tools