Pius M Kithome - Managing Director

The Managing Director has a Bsc in risk and security management from university of portsmouth institute of criminal justice studies, he also holds a Diploma in Business Administration and has a wide knowledge in security consultancy, having worked in security field for over 20 years. He is trained in this field both locally and internationally. He is a member of the “British Institute of Management” and a “Fellow of the Institute of Directors” As the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, he reports to the Board of Directors. He is supported and assisted in the day-to-day management of the company by professional personnel who form a strong team to be able to deliver.

Henry M Kithome - Technical Director

He is a BSC in Information Technology (IT) with diverse knowledge of IT concepts and ideas, having worked with the company for over six years.  He specializes in all technical matters being the head of our Technical Department. He further supervises all the company’s departments to ensure proper coordination in management and the operations at large.  Heading the technical arm of the company he has a wide knowledge and experience in electronic security as his area of specialization. He has also attained a Diploma from the I.S.C Group (International Security Consultancy) in counter terrorism mainly on bomb detection, arming and disarming of arms and basic bomb drills.

Jimmy Makau- Financial Controller

A holder of Bcomm in Finance and CPA K is the gentleman behind the Finances and controls this important department to ensure all the company’s departments function. He has sound knowledge in Finance and has been with the company for multiple years.

Daniel Awinde - Operations Manager

Daniel brings a wealth of over 12 years experience in the Security industry to the operations department which directly deals with the provision of security services.   He is qualified in Security Risk Assessment and Management, Fraud Investigation and Prevention as well as Counter Terrorism.