Turnkey solution
Our promise to our clients is to always act with integrity, trust, the utmost professionalism and with the customer as our key focus. We aspire to provide our clients with holistic and integrated solutions. We have been involved in several key projects a turnkey solution provider.

Access Control
Automated Access control is one of the wisest investments an organization can make with regards to there security profile, we provide solutions from single door card based solutions to networked biometric
solutions from only the industy's leading suppliers

Fire Alarm Systems
Health and Safety are an intergrak part if any security enviroment. We have partned with the world's leading manufactures of intelligent fire alarmssystems to provide our clients with peace of mind. Ourproducts offering includes stand alone and intergrated solutions

Intruder Alarm & Responce
Building alarms have also not been spared from a advancing with the times. We now offer the very latest intergrated and secure alarm systens on the market. We have deliberately chosen to focus on the most robust and intergrated systems that not only report on potential security threats but also provide fire detection and alerts capabilities

intergrated Solutions
In an ever more complex world it is imperative for solution providers to ensure that disparate system have the ability to talk to each other and provide a gloabal view of the security enviroment. Our solutions are all intergration capable and also allow for intergration with 3rd party solutions.